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Our Story


Hey Ya'll! We are Max & Vanessa Van Arsdale.

We started out as best friends and co-workers when they sat Max next to the copy machine and he would chime in office gossip. From there, we became a sales team, eventually started dating and the rest is history. 

 Fast forward almost 10 years, two little girls, two German Shepherds, a beloved pug, dozens of foster kitties, fish and all kinds of home renovation projects. We eventually split up at work and now have "day jobs" in sales at different but awesome companies and are once again sharing a copy machine in our home office.


But, and we missed the challenge of being a team, building business, delivering insane value clients, and pointing to Jesus with our diverse network of friends and spontaneous events. It's never a dull moment around here.


We figured out that we loved to flip houses and furniture when we were too cheap to upgrade our college furniture once we got a "real home." So, we would flip it and to-da! Looking great! Our mother's would come to visit and say "You got rid of that ugly old bench! I love this new one! Pointing to the beautiful "new" bench, that was actually the old bench. This happened enough times over the years, and we eventually ran out of furniture to change, that we started to find and sell pieces through a local antique shop we love to visit called Sugar Bears Antique Mall in Julington Creek, Florida. 

We enjoy working together on projects, strategizing about online and in-store retail, while also teaching our girls about being a business owner and following your dreams with hard work. You'll also find our business partner, Kelly, roaming around and keeping the two of us on track. She is amazing!


We hope that you're inspired to claim a Yellow Rose Vintage Shop piece or flip your own instead of throwing it out. Your joy is what keeps us going to create that next item, set-up a pop-up shop, or document our journey on social media. 

Also, check out our other business, DynaHomes Solutions, where we flip actual homes in the North Florida area with our other business partner, good friend, and Navy Veteran, Matt. He is a creative genius for seeing the potential in our properties and the treasures inside are transformed and funneled back to the Yellow Rose Vintage Shop! 

As part of our journey, we are proud to donate 5% of our profits to the Coach Kirk Foundation. In memory of our close friend, Jimmy Kirk, they focus on spreading kindness by teaching kids how to invite those on the outside into their community and that other's have "thrown out." You'll also see Jimmy's mom hanging out, reliving memories with us. Check out their website in the menu above.

Thank you for taking time to read all this and reach out if you want to stop by for a tour or are interested in investing in a project!

Thank you for visiting our website today! God bless!

Experience the life of a vintage shop owner!

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